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Referring Physicians Resources

Refer a Patient

All new physician consultations continue to require a referral through MSP. We encourage you to use our Referral Form. Attach all relevant reports to the completed referral form and fax to the appropriate Orthopaedic Surgeon’s office (fax numbers are listed on the referral form).

Every referral requires an attached x-ray report for triage purposes. Incomplete referrals will only delay the triage process.

Referrals received to a surgeon’s office for non-surgical pathologies may be directed to one of our Sports Medicine Physicians (MSK Clinic) in an effort to improve access to musculoskeletal health care and shorten waiting times.

Refer a Patient to Sports Medicine (MSK)

As of Dec 12 2022: MSK Medicine referral/consultation service is temporarily unavailable due to high wait times.

In order to provide timely access to care for your patient, we offer the first available physician appointments.

The choice of MSK Physician will be based on the information provided in the referral. If preferred, You can also choose to refer your patient to a specific sports medicine physician.

It is important to provide a provisional diagnosis, a description of symptom severity and an outline of treatment to date. The MSK physician will institute treatment, obtain further diagnostic tests if required or expedite a referral to one of our surgeons if surgery is indicated.

Acute Injury Referrals

Patients that require assessment urgently (e.g. tumor, fracture or infection) are considered URGENT referrals and should be faxed to our Fraser Orthopaedic Treatment Clinic.

An appointment for these types of urgent referrals will generally be scheduled within 7 – 10 days


Thank you for trusting us to care for your patient.