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Custom & OTS Bracing

The Fraser Orthopaedic Institute is equipped to provide onsite assessment and fitting services for custom and prefabricated upper and lower extremity braces for treatment of osteoarthritis, ligament instability, meniscal tears and dislocations.

Most braces are covered by extended health insurance and we provide all required documents for benefit reimbursement.

To book a bracing appointment, a prescription from a family physician or surgeon that includes the diagnosis and type of brace is required.

Bracing @ Fraser Orthopaedic Institute

Custom bracing at FOI typically involve 2 appointments, there will be an initial first assessment for measurements and a follow up appointment for fitting.

Custom Bracing Assessments

Brace fitting will typically require two appointments.  An initial assessment for measurements followed by a fitting appointment.

First Assessment:

At the first assessment for bracing, the patient will be measured by a certified bracing specialist who will help determine the type of brace and sizing required for the custom or off the shelf brace based on the doctor’s prescription, patient anatomy, body type and physical limitations.

Once the type of brace has been determined, we will provide the patient with a quote for the amount of the brace and a letter outlining which materials the brace is comprised of for insurance/records purposes.


At FOI we direct bill to the patient for all medical equipment (with the exception of approved WSBC cases). Quotes and brace material letters are provided to assist in gaining extended insurance coverage.

Please note: The medical Services Plan of British Columbia does not provide coverage of braces or casts.

Once the patient has decided to move forward with a brace we require a deposit to be made for half the total amount of the brace (full payment for brace can also be made at this time, if convenient). Deposits can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Debit or cash – sorry, checks not accepted. Payment over the phone by credit card is welcome.

When the deposit is made, the brace will be ordered and the secondary fitting appointment will be booked.

Fitting Appointment:

At the fitting appointment, the brace will be applied to ensure it fits well. Our bracing specialist will provide education on the use and function of the brace. The account will need to be settled before release of the brace. A paid invoice and receipt for insurance/records purposes will be provided.

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding the brace, a no-fee follow-up appointment can be made with the bracing specialist in our office.


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